Latin Countries Cup 2017


-Latin Countries Cup 2017 consist of 3 stages: MIDDLE DISTANCE (stage 1), SPRINT DISTANCE (stage 2) and LONG DISTANCE (stage 3)

-Valid classes for Latin Countries Cup are: MEN/WOMEN SENIOR; MEN/WOMEN JUNIOR (born in 1997 and earlier); MEN/WOMEN CADET (born in 1999 and earlier)

-Every nation competing can enter up to 6 official team members, 3 men and 3 women, 1 for each class

-A nation is classified when at least an athlete takes part in the race

-Classification is done considering ONLY official team members (excluding any other accompanying athlete); points will be assigned for each of the 3 races as follows (considering n=n° of national teams entered):

The 1st in each class will receive n+1 points

The 2nd in each class will receive n-1 points

The 3rd in each class will receive n-2 points

Then every runner will receive 1 point less than the previous till 1 point

Disqualified runners will NOT receive points


Example with 6 nations competing:

1st: 7 points         2nd: 5 points        3rd: 4 points

4th: 3 points         5th: 2 points         6th: 1 point


-In case of draws, classification will be determined by:

-n° of victories

-n° of 2nd places etc.

19-20-21 maggio 2017 Highlands Open 2017 – Latinum Certamen